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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garage Sale Goodies and Ebay Inventory All for $7.00

So in my pursuit of Ebaying to pay for our vacation  I decided to hit some yard sales this weekend.  I only ended up going to one but it was a very good one. I got some great clothing finds for the baby that were much needed, items to Ebay and some items for the coming consignment sale.  I was able to score all of these items for $7!

Here's The Goodies and What My Plans are for Them:

Items to Keep 

8 Piars of size 18 month sleepers ( What a deal these were and I did not have any winter jammies for the baby so this was a real blessing.)
3 pairs of good identcial girls mittens  ( I love this because when she looses one all is not lost)
1 bib
1 pair girls tights
1 pair like new girls dress shoes (adorable).

These are for the consignment sale in a few weeks.

1 swimsuit ( good for lessons)
1 leotard
3 sets of cute pajamas

 For Ebay

Fisher price interactive tool box complete
1 pair nice condition tap shoes
1 pair ballet shoes
1 leotard with attached skirt

I typically sell the ballet shoes for $7-9 so the profit in those alone almost pays for everything I purchased.  The profit from all the other things will go to my vacation fund. Did you find any treasures this week?


  1. Do those fisher price toolboxes sell well? I have one in my garage sale pile :)

  2. I actually picked it up on a hunch. It has all the pieces and it only cost me penny's so I thought it was worth a chance. I will try to get it up and listed this week. Check back and I will post my selling results. I figure worst case scenario I sell it at the consignment sale in Sept. Now you've got me curious. I'm off to check completed Ebay listings with my fingers crossed.

  3. Yikes Jo Marie,
    I'm going to hold off listing that until Christmas I think. Right now it's only going for $5. Boo. Still a profit though that brings me closer to my goal so I may still list it sooner. I think it depends on how much else I'm able to get listed this week. I went thrifting this week and got some good Ebay inventory. I'll post photo's of those items tomorrow. I have to get all that listed as well.

  4. Great finds! It's really interesting reading these ebay/garage sale posts. I used to do that YEARS ago when the post office was right across the street from my house. I sort of forgot about it, maybe have to reconsider!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. thanks for letting me know :)

  6. What a good find on the 18 month sleepers! I love those for my girls during the colder months here in FL. Maybe I should say "cooler" because it's never really cold. :)

  7. I was also on the hunt for items to resell. I posted my finds on my blog. Good Luck!

  8. Thrifty VA,
    I just found your site and am now a follower. I love sharing the treasure hunt.

  9. Thank you Carolyn,
    I was a little worried that I would have to buy those at consignment so was very happy to find so many in great shape.

  10. Great finds- at 8.00 you did very well!! I love it when I find something I need at a yard sale!

  11. Thanks Our Country Road it made my day to find the sleepers and to know that I would make all my money back and then some in the other items.