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Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Weeks Thifty Finds and Ebay Inventory

    This weeks treasures were all from the thrift store.  The one garage sale I hit was a major let down.  However it was a great thrifting week.  I got some great stuff for my Santas Village fund and some FANTASTIC finds for gifts for my kids.  This week I am more excited about the things I found for personal use than those that I purchased to resale.  Let me tell you that does not happen often. I paid $70 for all of this so it was a spendy week for me but most of the money was for the Legos that are for my son.

Hits and Misses:
  1. 14 pounds of Lego's !!!!!! Yeah my son is a huge Lego maniac so these will be a great birthday gift.  There are three large sets, the castle, one of the big Star Wars ones with the ship and one other set.  The lego's are what's in the grocery bags in the photo's.  I'm going to download the directions for the sets and give it all to him as part of his birhtday.
  2. Mint Chip Build a Bear - This bear used can fetch up to $69.99 on Ebay but mine is missing the cone so we will have to see.  
  3. Tons and tons of Little People figures and furniture from the 1990's.  I think these will do best at fixed price individually. I kind of dread listing them but will be happy to send them to their new home for a nice profit.
  4. Vintage Little People van - This does Ok but not as well as I had thought. I'm thinking fixed price.
  5. Vintage Little People Town - I purchased this for the accessories that sell well and will re-donate the structure.
  6. Darth Vader mask - Will sell in late Sept early Oct.  If you see the one with the voice box pick it up!
  7. Wilton Cake pan with rocking horse - I will use this for Lilly's 1st birthday I think.  I was hoping this would be a good seller but no.  I have done very well ( $60+ with Wilton) or they bomb.  Total hit or miss.
  8. An adorable apple halter dress by Mini Boden for my five year olds first day of Kindergarten. 
  9. Little People firetruck for the chunky style people. - This sells much lower than I thought and I will try to re-coup my money by selling it at the consignment sale.
  10. Pound Puppy vintage sheets -   Always pick up vintage character sheets that are in good condition.
Thank you Yard Sale Mommy for hosting a great thrifty finds link up.  I'm thinking of changing up my Ebaying and consignment adventures a bit.


  1. Nicely done! Especially the legos! They are sooooo expensive!

    Frugal Tidbits from a Coupon-Loving Mom

  2. Aw, Pound Puppies! I remember those! How fun. :) Some great finds!

  3. Great job thrifty momma! You must have awesome thrift stores. Thrift stores here aren't that great for anything other than good clothes for me :-).

  4. I was especially excited about the lego's because they are so expensive and once he has made the kit once they just go into a big bin that he uses to create his own ideas from. I am lucky to have a great thrift near me.