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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shaws Super Savings and Why Your Should Check Your Reciept

  This was a pretty good week at Shaws.  I was able to get all that you see here for $31.71 and I saved $27.33.  The reason I say check your receipt is that I purchased four bags of Pirate Booty that were marked $3.87 per bag but they rang up at $4.59.  To make things even more odd the cashier seems to have been able to get all four of my Pirate Booty coupons to go through, there was not even a beep.  I guess when I work the math out this error is in my favor.  I did not realize the mistake until I looked at the receipt at home as I had the kiddo's with me shopping today and was not paying attention at the register like I like to do.

Here is How it All Went Down:

4 Single Viva paper towel rolls $1.99 
3 Bags Pirate Booty $4.59
2 Bags Veggie Crisps $3.79 ( 2/$5)
1 1.25 liter Coke .99
1 Rotissere chicken $6.99
1 Gallon Milk $2.99
1 Luigi's Italian Ice $2.79
1 Lindy's Italian Ice $2.47 ( I really should learn to read because the deal was BOGO on Luigi's :( I was to busy nag ing the kids to knock it off.  Late night shopping really is better for me, no kids.)
Grapes $4.01
Watermelon $$3.38

Coupons Used:

4 $1.00 off your next order coupons from last week.
4 Viva .60 coupons doubled to $1.20 each
4 Pirate Booty peelie coupons $.75 doubled to $1.50 each off
2 Veggie Crisps $1.00 off coupons ( 7-31 insert)
1 Luigi's $.50 off coupon doubled to $1.00
The coke was FREE because I purchased the chicken.

I got a $2.50 off your next order for the Viva paper towels.  That deal is good through 8-7 so I'll be going back again if I'm going by a Shaws.  With the .60 coupons doubled and the Catalina it makes the paper towels .33 per roll and while we use mostly cloth napkins these are very handy and my kids teachers will be able to use them in their classrooms.

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