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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Fixes Equal Amazon Sales. Getting the Most Out of Your Current Inventory

  Well with the holiday selling season here I'm really hoping to ramp up my Amazon business in a BIG way.  One of the ways I am doing this is by going back through all my current listings and making sure they are easy to find for buyers.  This means going in to my current listings and fixing or updating all the listings that say "quality alert".  Listings with quality are not easily found by customers and as of October the 10th many listings with quality alerts will be unavailable to customers until they are brought up to quality standards.

  Quality alert does not mean there is an issue with your product.  It means there is an issue with the quality of your listing.  Missing images, description etc.  I just spent my little ones nap time fixing all my listings with quality alerts.  Most items were just missing a small detail like description or quantity.  I fixed 10 listings in about 15 minutes.  Not to shabby of a time investment considering how much money I stand to profit on the sale of these items.

  Items deemed unsellable or defective can also eat up a chunk of what should be a good payout. Items can be deemed unsellable for a variety of reasons including packaging, expiration and lots of others little things. I  requested all my items that were deemed somehow unsellable to be returned to me.  I had a few deemed expired that were multipacks where only one item in the multipack is expired and the rest in the pack are fine.  I'm going to replace the one that is expired and send the rest back.  I also have found that some items that have been deemed defective for me were deemed defective because the polly bag that I sent them in was to loose or because the bag ripped. I just repackage them correctly and send it right back to Amazon.  Time to make the most of your listed inventory so you have more time and money to invest in your holiday inventory.

  Sounds like nap time is over.  Here's to a great selling season!

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