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Thursday, May 22, 2014

HBO Coming to Amazon Prime....Might Be Time to Say Bye Bye to Cable

   So if you are one of the millions of HBO die hard series fans you my friend may just be in luck.  Amazon has secured a deal with HBO to offer many of their series to Prime customers for FREE.  Yep, it just may be the final straw for many folks on the old cable bill.

  I love me Prime account and although I don't like that the price went to $99 for the year I feel that the perks are worth it.  I have packages delivered to me constantly for FREE.  Even if I did not buy through out the year the saving on shipping at Christmas along is worth it.  Most of my family lives on the opposite coast.  Shipping Christmas gifts before prime was super pricey.  Now it's free.

  I also love the Kindle lending library that allows me to take out a virtual book for free every month.  Along with those perks I do love curling up with my Kindle at night to watch Pawn Stars on Prime streaming.  Check here to see if your favorite HBO series is headed to Prime.

Oh.....and I earned 8 Swagbucks for Swag searching the info for this post:)  I'm 10 points away from my next gift card.

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