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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kickin' Into Turbo Grocery Savings Without Newspaper Coupons at Target!

  So if you read yesterday's post you know I really need to save some major cash quickly.  I've been so busy lately that I have not been purchasing newspapers for coupons in a month.  I know Coupon Mom has gone off the wagon ....

  I'm happy to report that I have a plan to implement some major savings on my grocery trip this week.  I'm still buying healthy and minimally processed but I'm bringing back the coupons.  Mobile and printable coupons that is.

  If you have not started some grocery shopping at Target my friend you are missing out.  Most of the stores have a nice selection of grocery now including produce and organic.

  A few easy ways to save on groceries at Target:

  1.  Use your Red Card and save 5% right off the top.
2.  Use your Cartweel app.  There are hundreds of items on the app that gives you a savings of at least 3%
3. Print Target and manufacturer store coupons right off
4.  Sign up for Target text coupons. 827-438 is the number.  Text FOOD4 and you will get some great food coupons including a. $10 off $50 current text coupon.
5. B.Y.O.B  Bring your own reuseable  bag and save .05 per bag.

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