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Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Target Trip and A Great Learning Opportunity.

  Today was supposed to be my day to take my mini mommy vacation at Target. You know that little chunk of time in Target with no kids;)

  It didn't work out that way.  Hubby was not up to handling all three kiddos so I took my oldest with me.

  It turned out to be a great opportunity to teach him about the cost of food and importance of stocking up and looking at sales and coupons.

 He is 9.  His assignment was to add up each of the items that we put into the cart and add it on the calculator.  He was amazed at how things add up.  

  He was very excited to get to the register to see that the original cost of these items was. $60 and using all the methods I mentioned in my last grocery shopping at Target post we got it down to $36.  

  It turned out to be a nice blessing to bring my son.  He told me that he won't be wasting food anymore and we had a nice bonding trip.

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